Liberato Salerno

Computer Science Skills

Development Tools
60% MS Windows
95% Linux - Ubuntu
95% MS Windows Phone Dev
100% MS V. Studio 2008/2013
60% NetBeans
100% AptanaStudio
100% DevC++
100% Photoshop
60% ApacheServer
100% MS Office
Unity 3D
Main Tasks
Computer Technician/Robotics
Over the years I have gained a lot of experience as a computer technician. Thanks to my years of experience in computer science at the company Tridema I was able to hone my skills in the field of robotics and engineering planning, assembling and soldering electronic components.
Web Design
I design websites from the 90s since I fell in love web design using html, flash, frontpage, dreamweaver and taking part in many collaborations. Today, using markup languages most modern and one of my web design projects is the leading platform for the town of CirĂ² Marina, the creation and management of the website/server company Tridema. My web design projects are designed entirely without CMS, only natively using the Aptana IDE on MS Windows.
Game Design
I have developed games for PC created with the power of MS Visual Studio compiler and programming languages MS C / C ++. I used as a graphics library allegro.h, Liberato Salerno work entirely with MS Windows and the designs are created with MS Paint, Gimp and Photoshop using the techniques of Pixel Art. I am currently working on some browser and mobile games for MS Windows Phone, Android and iOS.
Mobile Apps Design
Currently Liberato Salerno run the application that Liberato created for the course of Computer Science of the Federico II University of Naples. I am constantly working on new apps and games primarily for MS Windows Phone and subsequently also available for Android and iOS.

Liberato Salerno

Professional Experiences And Internship Projects

Project for the city of CirĂ² Marina Design of a web platform for tourism
From 01/08/2014 today
Creation of a web platform for the management of the companies and the information related to the area for tourism.

Tridema Engineering/Quadralab Computer Science and Biotechnology
From 11/01/2013 to 05/31/2014
Bioinformatics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Management / Maintenance Business Server.

Intern at Tridema Engineering/Quadralab Internship in Computer Science and Biotechnology
From 01/04/2010 to 10/31/2013
Bioinformatics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Management / Maintenance Business Server.

Freelance Computer Science / Computer Technician
From 2001 - today
Web Design, Game Design, Technical assistance, Assembly and installation of PC software.

Project "Have Yourself Astronomer" at INAF National Institute for Astrophysics Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte Science and Astronomy
From 2003 to 2004
Realization of a mirror astronomical 20cm in diameter.

Training course "Astrophysics goes to School" Po&E Department at the INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte Science and Astronomy
From 2004 to 2005
Course project.

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